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magnesium carbonate

CAS No.: 546-93-0; 13717-00-5
EC No.: 208-915-9
Molecular Formula: MgCO3
Molecular Weight: 84.31
Product Description: Magnesium carbonate is white easy fragmental or loose white powder, without odour. Non-dangerous chemical. Replace vitamins and minerals lost in processing (enrichment), add nutrients that may be lacking in the diet.
Synonyms: magnesite australian magnesite giobertite magnesite (mg(co3)) magnesite dust magnesium carbonate,lightmagnesiumcarbonate,medicinal magnesiumcarbonate,naturalmagnesium carbonate basic hydrate magnesia 81010 magnesia 81811 maggran(R) mc magnesium carbonate (hydroxide) pentahydrate magnesium carbonate pentahydrate, basicmagnesium carbonate pentahydrate, heavy magnesium carbonate pentahydrate, light magnesium carbonate, basic, pentahydrate magnesium hydroxide carbonate, heavymagnesiumcarbonaten-hydratemagnesiumcarbonate,heavypowder,usp,ep,bp,jpcarbonicacid,magnesiumsalt(1:1),mix.withmagnesiumhydroxide,hydratemagnesiumcarbonate,basichexa magnesium hydroxide carbonate magnesium hydroxide carbonate light magnesii subcarbonas ponderosus magnesium carbonate basic, heavymagnesium carbonate, basic lightcarbonicacid,magnesiumsaltcarbonicacid,magnesiumsalt(1:1) ci77713 dci light magnesium carbonate dcilightmagnesiumcarbonate destab elastocarb tech light, heavy elastocarb uf magnesium carbonate, heavy bp98
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