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ferric pyrophosphate

CAS No.: 1332-96-3; 10058-44-3
EC No.: 233-190-0
Molecular Formula: Fe4O21P6
Molecular Weight: 745.212
Product Description: Ferric pyrophosphate is yellowish white to browN-yellow powder. Dangerous chemical(generally recognized as safe). Replace vitamins and minerals lost in processing (enrichment), add nutrients that may be lacking in the diet.
Synonyms: iron pyrophosphate iron(iii) diphosphate, soluble solublesodiumferricitropyrophosphate tetrairon tris(pyrophosphate) pyrophosphate ferric iron(3+) diphosphate (4:3) diferric sodium 2-oxidopropane-1,2,3-tricarboxylate phosphonomethylphosphonic acid iron (iii) pyrophosphate diphosphoric acid iron(iii) salt ferric pyrophosphate, soluble iron(iii) pyrophosphate hydrateiron pyrophosphate hydrate iron(iii) pyrophosphate tribasic hydrate ferric pyrophosphate hydrate ferric diphosphate hydrate diphosphoricacid,iron(3+)salt(3:4)diphosphoricacid,iron(3++)salt(3:4)pyrophosphoricacid,iron(3+)salt(3:4)
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