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Camlin Fine Sciences Ltd. Becomes Third-Largest Vanillin Producer of the World


Camlin Fine Sciences Ltd. Becomes Third-Largest Vanillin Producer of the World

Posted:  Aug 31, 2017

Camlin Fine Sciences Ltd. along with its subsidiary CFS Europe SpA, has jointly acquired a 51 percent stake in Ningbo Wanglong Flavors and Fragrances Company Limited, China.

The company manufactures and markets flavor and fragrance (vanillin) directly to food manufacturers, distributors and to industrial customers globally. With this joint association, CFS becomes the third-largest producer of Vanillin in the world.

Wanglong, a leading vanillin manufacturer produces vanillin in its 3500 sq. m dedicated facility in the coastal city of Yuyao, Zhejiang province.

CFS’ manufacturing plant in Ravenna, Italy produces Catechol, the basic material used to make Vanillin and Ethyl-Vanillin; uses an environment-friendly, clean method of production. 

Its fully integrated supply chain can ensure the highest standards of vanillin that can offer complete traceability from Catechol to Vanillin.  It gives vanesse the most desired, sweetest and creamiest olfactory notes one could wish for.  Each batch is carefully tested by our food flavorists so that it deliver its customer requirements with consistency.

To support future growth, CFS Wanglong will introduce relevant processes and equipment besides existing installed adequate capacity for operations. With its manufacturing facilities spread across 4 continents; China will further boost CFS’ access into the global market.

ItsFlavors & Fragrances segment will contribute to a large portion of its business in the near future.  CFS’ global network along with deep industry knowledge is helping the Company set new benchmark through the delivery of high-quality innovative ingredients across geographies.  It also epitomizes our vision for growth. 

Its brands Vanesse (vanillin) and Evanil (ethyl vanillin) has grown customer base not only from food and flavor industry, but also manufacturers of fragrances, incense sticks,
pharmaceutical industries and perfumeries.  CFS has expanded its bouquet of fragrance application products to cater to the growing needs of our customers. 

The company launched Floral booster, specially developed for incense stick industry to enhance sweet note, sustain burning and aroma-spreading properties; Intense Green, a fragrance and flavor chemical and Vetigreen, an aromatic chemical for home cleaning solutions, personal care products, cosmetics and incense sticks.

This robust step of partnering with Wanglong will ensure supply of high quality vanillin and will benefit CFS’ customers across the globe.  

Due to growing popularity of vanilla taste and uneven production of vanilla beans and pods and its downstream products; vanillin demand growing with consistency over the world market with tentative 4-5 percent, as pointed out by insiders.

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