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International Taste Solutions Eyes Sugar Reduction with New Solutions for Bakery & Dairy Produce


International Taste Solutions Eyes Sugar Reduction with New Solutions for Bakery & Dairy Produce

Posted:  Aug 25, 2017

International Taste Solutions (ITS) has extended and improved its range of sugar reduction solutions, achieving as much as 50 percent sugar reduction in some applications, according to an industry source. 

The company now offers its cutting-edge sugar reduction solutions for a wider range of products from cakes, porridge, flapjacks and cookies to snacks and dairy products.   

ITS continues to support customers in meeting the challenges of producing healthier reduced-sugar products.  A key challenge is that sugar is an important contributor to flavor by interacting with other ingredients.  It has a unique ability to heighten flavor or depress the perception of other flavors.

ITS’ latest innovations allow products to maintain texture, sweetness and flavor with up to 50 percent less added sugar.

Aside from the physical characteristics of sugar, the company helps to build back the taste.  SweetLITE's taste is comparable to sugars, with no back notes or negative aftertaste.

At ITS, sugar reduction is see as being critical to the improvement of health in society.

Sugar is an exceptional ingredient both in texture and product flow and also in shelf life.  All of these attributes provide considerable challenges to any food company. 

ITS SweetLITE texture range of products was initially launched last year to allow manufacturers to make significant reductions in sugar content while still retaining the textural characteristics of products.  

The new improved range has now been proven in flapjacks, granola, clusters, cookies, cereal bars and cakes, with a 20 percent-40 percent sugar reduction achieved with no detrimental effect on flavor or function. A 50 percent sugar reduction was achieved on cookies.

ITS has also developed a range of natural flavorings under the SweetLITE brand, suitable for sugar reduction, where sweetness needs to be replaced. 

The range includes flavorings such as vanillas, caramels and berry notes to help improve a product’s characteristics by enhancing the top notes while adding back sweetness. SweetLITE Flavorings range is available as liquid and powder as well, according to insiders. 

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