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Global Market Value of Probiotics Supplements Keeps on Increasing


Global Market Value of Probiotics Supplements Keeps on Increasing

Posted:  Aug 21, 2017

The global market value of probiotics is around 40 billion Euros, as the latest data shows.  Yoghurt is still main carrier to deliver probiotics, despite probiotics supplements rise rapidly.

Yoghurt presumably accounted for 76% of probiotics sales, while fermented dairy products accounted for 14% and probiotics supplements accounted for 10% of it.  Probiotics dietary supplements around the world of this year increase 9%, and will rise 38% by 2021.

Besides, probiotics supplements’ growth rates are far greater than that of other dietary supplements products, including complex vitamins, glucosamine, calcium, Omega-3s, coenzyme Q10 and protein.

With serried warehouses increasing its sales channel, North America is still the largest market.  Supplements in North America account for 31% of the global market, including 8% fermented milk and 61% yoghurt.  United States own the world's highest absolute growth rate.

Fermented probiotics yoghurt in Eastern Europe accounted for 61% of whole market, yoghurt and supplements occupied 28% and 11% respectively. 

The EU market is brimming with opportunities for probiotics supplements manufacturers since immune and intestinal health claims of probiotics foods (for example, yoghurt) are strictly forbidden by EU regulations. Nevertheless, terms of “prebiotics” and “probiotics” which ever banned by EU are now returning to the label of supplements products.

Currently Italy is EU’s largest market of probiotics supplements with market value of € 500 million, followed by Russia of € 177 million, € 104 million in France, €72 million in Poland and €6400 in Germany, according to the latest data. 

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