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Steviva Ingredients Expands Operation at New Facility in Spain


Steviva Ingredients Expands Operation at New Facility in Spain

Posted:  Aug 15, 2017

Sweetener producer Steviva Ingredients is expanding its operations in Spain and the US, so as to keep pace with the growing demand for stevia from the marketplace. 

Steviva Ingredients has opened the new Spanish plant in a bid to expand its reach in Europe, the United Arab Emirates and Africa.

Products being made at the facility include the firm’s monk fruit line, fortified agave nectar and plant protein sweetener modulator, thaumaten, which is a low-calorie sweetener and flavor modifier. 

The EMEA region is facing obesity issues in countries such as the UK and Germany, and at the same time, obesity in UAE is rising to a dangerous level.  Under such circumstances, zero-calorie sweeteners have become a necessity for consumers. 

With the onslaught of new business driven by the FDA label guidelines from major and mid-size manufacturers, Steviva Ingredients has been forced to increase research and development capabilities tenfold and the production capacity of its clean-label sweetener systems by a multiple of four. 

It is understood the company is planning a move to Portland soon to boost its capacity where it will have an increased production area, office space and warehouse.  It will also have a laboratory and research and development kitchen created to support clean-label sugar reduction reformulation as well.  

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