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DuPont Offers Newly Approved Food Enzymes in Japan


DuPont Offers Newly Approved Food Enzymes in Japan

Posted:  Aug 14, 2017

In June this year, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare granted DuPont approval for three bakery enzymes to be used as processing aids in Japan.  These 3 new products are mainly developed for Japanese sandwich bread, sweet buns and cakes.

Japan is a highly innovative bakery market accounting for 13 percent share of all bread and sweet bakery products launched globally.  It is also a quality-conscious market of discerning consumers willing to pay for high quality, premium products with good taste, texture and freshness.

According to the Japanese food regulation, enzymes are considered as “processing aids” and not required to be listed on a packaged label since they are inactivated during the baking process.

With this recent new approval, bakers and flour millers can now include POWERFresh and POWERSoft range of enzymes to maintain superior fresh-eating quality, improve softness and moistness in their bakery applications.

The Asia food landscape is changing, consumers with improving spending power are constantly pressuring manufacturers to improve and expect the highest product quality. Foods and beverages not only need to look good, they must also taste good

Meanwhile, the demand for healthy, nutritious and premium product will continue to rise in Japan. 

(By our own staff)


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