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China’s Xingfa Specialty Announces Availability of Its Specialty Compounds in North America


China’s Xingfa Specialty Announces Availability of Its Specialty Compounds in North America

Posted:  Aug 11, 2017

Hubei Xingfa (Xingfa), the largest manufacturer of specialty phosphates in China, has announced that its portfolio of specialty compounds for high-quality food products with improved texture, yield and sensory appeal is now available in North America.

Xingfa’s specialty compounds portfolio combines the key functionalities required for the development of high-quality foods, with a reliable, sustainable, high-quality ingredient supply, with complete control of the supply chain.

Xingfa’s specialty compounds are made from high-quality raw materials that undergo advanced mixing processes, which produce a wide range of pH options that can be used in a variety of food applications.

Seafood: Xingfa’s specialty compounds for seafood products, including shrimp, scallops, fish filets and squid, are available in low-phosphorus, natural, no-sodium and no-phosphorus varieties. The ingredients impart many functional benefits, including reduction of off-flavors; improved water-retention capacity; prevention of deterioration; enhanced gel strength and adhesiveness; improved elasticity and texture; increased product yield; reduction of juice loss during freezing and storage; texture stability; improved appearance; retention of natural flavor and color; high-solubility; and yield loss prevention.

Meat: For the meat category, Xingfa offers specialty compounds for use in prepared meats, meat emulsions and injection-marinated meats. When used in such products, these ingredients provide superior dispersion in ice-cold water; excellent tumbling performance; increased water-retention capacity; improved product yield; and enhanced succulence.

Bakery: In baked goods, Xingfa’s double-acting, aluminum-free specialty compounds act as leavening agents to control gas release during the cooking process, which greatly enhances the volume, appearance, taste and texture of bakery products.

Noodles: Xingfa’s specialty compound for noodles is mixed with phosphates, gel and enzymes. In this application, the compound improves brightness and color, increases swelling properties and elasticity; improves cooking performance; increases water retention (in raw noodles); enhances texture and pliability; and improves brightness and color stability during processing.

Cheese: Xingfa’s specialty compound for cheese offers better ion exchange capability, with no creaming reaction, while enhancing protein emulsifying properties; reducing moisture loss during storage; extending shelf life; and improving structure and texture.

In addition to offering ingredients for each of these industries, Xingfa can also create custom compounds to suit its customers’ specific and evolving needs. 

Hubei Xingfa is a Fortune China 500 company listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE). 

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