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SweeGen and Ingredion Announces a New Addition to Line of Stevia Leaf Sweeteners


SweeGen and Ingredion Announces a New Addition to Line of Stevia Leaf Sweeteners

Posted:  Aug 07, 2017

SweeGen Inc., a provider of nature-based sweeteners, and Ingredion Incorporated have announced a new addition to its line of stevia leaf sweeteners with the successful commercialization of BESTEVIA Reb D, which is regarded as another option for sugar reduction in foods and beverages.

BESTEVIA Reb D provides additional flexibility for formulators looking to match the time intensity response curve of sucrose.   Unique patented processes that start with the stevia leaf enabled SweeGen to introduce BESTEVIA Reb M and now BESTEVIA Reb D to the beverage and food industries as alternatives to sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Reb D is one of many molecules found in the stevia leaf.  While these molecules or compounds all offer outstanding sweet tastes and zero calories, every single one has a different taste profile.  BESTEVIA Reb D is the newest product in SweeGen’s portfolio, following BESTEVIA Reb M, which has been on the market for a couple of months.    

The partnership between SweeGen Inc. and Ingredion aligns the strengths of two great companies by combining innovative R&D, technical know-how and an established worldwide customer network. 

Ingredion's strong go-to-market knowledge, global footprint, formulation and R&D expertise, sensory capabilities and broad customer base, combined with SweeGen's R&D and manufacturing capabilities, help enable their partnership to deliver clean tasting stevia sweeteners to customers all over the world.

In February 2017, SweeGen successfully commercialized BESTEVIA Reb M, the company's first FDA GRAS approved stevia leaf sweetener.  BESTEVIA Reb M has been well received by major food and beverage companies in the US, Europe and Asia.

The BESTEVIA Reb D GRAS self-affirmation was completed in June this year and was immediately submitted to the FDA for review.  The introduction of BESTEVIA Reb D represents yet another strong achievement for SweeGen in the natural sweetener market.

Ingredion is SweeGen's distribution partner for both Reb M and Reb D, excluding China and SweeGen's House Accounts. This collaboration enables both companies to benefit from each other's strengths and to attract a diverse mix of food and beverage companies worldwide, according to the industry source. 

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