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The Role of Flavor in Consumer Trends


The Role of Flavor in Consumer Trends

Posted:  Jul 19, 2017

Brussels had once become the ‘Capital of Flavor’ the month before.  The event was organized by EFFA (the European Flavor Association), together with AROMA (the Belgian Flavor Association) and IOFI (the International Organization of the Flavor Industry).

According to observers, the event proved to be a great success with more than 100 participants.  Policy makers, customers and food and drink associations gathered for discussions about the future of food and the role that flavorings play in key consumer trends. 

It is an opportunity for policy makers, customers and the flavor industry itself to learn more about each other and our common objectives for the coming years.

A famous trend forecaster inspired the audience with an outlook on consumer trends in food and flavors and how these have an impact on everyday life, highlighting that nowadays, food is even more fashionable than fashion itself.

The trend is to move away from sweet to go for rather tart and bitter notes.  In that context citrus and some fruits such as cherry are the ones we will be looking at in the coming years.

Moving away from sugar is also one of the goals of policy makers, trying to inspire a more conscious diet and asking the food industry to propose products with less sugar, salt and fat. In order to be successful these products must also be tasty.

Another important criterion was sustainability.  Be it at taking care of raw materials, ensuring an efficient use of limited resources or helping to reduce the environmental impact, the flavor industry is part of a circular economy. 

As the Flavor Industry invests 10% of the turnover in innovation, the panel also discussed the creativity aspect, and how important it is to adapt to consumer’s expectations, which are linked to memories and emotions and therefore can vary much from one country to another. 

The most popular atelier, where attendees had the opportunity to see the process of creation of a flavoring and how it progresses to a final application.  Two professional flavorists gave attendees the opportunity to choose among different tonalities of vanilla and citrus flavorings, explaining the wide range of possibilities, and how they are connected to cultural preferences, memories and emotions. 

This event was the first one organized by the National, European and Global associations together, and will be the first one of many ‘FlavorDays’ around Europe.

Next stop is the UK.  London FlavorDay will be held in September this year, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the UK Flavor Association, followed closely by the Paris Flavor Day in November 16th organized by the French Flavor Association (SNIAA).

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