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Cargill’s Chicory Root Fiber Might Become New Solution in Sugar Reduction


Cargill’s Chicory Root Fiber Might Become New Solution in Sugar Reduction

Posted:  May 18, 2017

Nowadays, clean label and sugar reduction are high on the agenda for many of today’s food producers, as demand for reduced-sugar foods and beverages increases day by day. 

Oliggo-Fiber chicory root fiber, from Cargill, might be one potential solution to help food & beverage manufacturers capitalize on these key consumer trends.

This kind of ingredient is a naturally-sourced fructan extracted from the chicory root.  The versatile solution offers many functional product development benefits, as well as providing benefits to human health.

Cargill’s proprietary consumer research confirms that chicory root fiber is an extremely label friendly ingredient.  Chicory root fiber can act as a pure bulking agent when removing sugar from a formulation.

At Cargill, we generally recommend replacing sugar 1:1 with chicory root fiber. Native and shorter chain chicory root fiber ingredients will brown like sugar and also have a residual sweetness.

Oliggo-Fiber chicory root fiber can be used in many applications, without affecting taste and texture.  Meanwhile, it has got an excellent heat stability and can also be used as a partial replacement for flour.

The ingredient Oliggo-Fiber is GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) and also meets kosher and halal standards.  It does not contain GMOs or GMO-derived components and is not produced using GMO-based technology.

As a matter of fact, Chicory root fiber enables product innovation, by delivering on demand for both sugar reduction and clean label solutions. 

In the US and Canada, Cargill is the distributor of Oliggo-Fiber chicory root fiber (inulin) which is manufactured by the Cosucra company, based in Belgium.

The major producers of chicory root inulin have jointly submitted a Citizen Petition to the FDA.  It calls for the addition of chicory inulin, encompassing all chicory inulin-type fructans, to the list of accepted dietary fibers in the US.

Cargill's ViaTech stevia sweeteners also deliver a solution for both sugar reduction and clean label demand. 

With ViaTech, food and beverage manufacturers achieve optimal sweetness and significant sugar reduction in even the most challenging reduced and zero calorie formulations.

Part of what sets the ViaTech portfolio apart from other stevia sweeteners is Cargill’s proprietary taste-prediction model, which can precisely predict which combination of steviol glycosides deliver optimal taste and sweetness.

Cargill continues to expand their portfolio of ViaTech stevia sweeteners to meet a wide array of customer needs.  Meeting the demand for sugar reduction is an increasing opportunity for the stevia industry and for Cargill as well. The key is to reduce sugar and deliver great taste.

Cargill provides a broad portfolio of nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners, from sugar to stevia.  The group has been actively working on sugar reduction with stevia for many years across multiple categories, including beverages, bakery, cereal and dairy products. 

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