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Global Beauty Nutrition Ingredients Market on the Rise


Global Beauty Nutrition Ingredients Market on the Rise

Posted:  May 17, 2017


The growth of people’s age, increase in disposable income, and raising of health awareness, will drive the development of the global beauty nutrition food market.  According to a recent study, this market is expected to reach $7.1 billion by 2020.

There are a lot of factors that make the current become the most appropriate era for explosive growth of beauty nutrition food.  While lifestyle and health are more and more integrated, consumers also come to understand the very demand they deserve for beauty nutrition food.

Topical skin care is no longer the basis for our skin care, and science is helping consumers change their minds.  Sophisticated craftsmanship and highly efficient ingredients both contribute to creation of better products.  Product forms are also more diversified: tablets, beverages, jelly, powder, nutrition sticks, etc., all of which render more convenient use of the product.

A brand-new product channel is fueling the expansion of beauty nutrition food tool, where e-commerce companies combine beauty and health brands to suit the needs of consumers in a highly innovative way of fusion.

Consumer demand for pure natural beauty products is rising continuously, meanwhile requiring the carbon footprint of them as little as possible.  The millennial generation in particular, does be promoting the development of this realm.

From the seaweed omega-3 fatty acids, herbs, the unique activity obtained from botanical therapeutic drugs, to collagen and probiotics from the ocean, all of these can be used for skin care.  The special nutrients within diet and supplements also have a strong skin care effect.  Nowadays, clinical research has begun to focus on nutrition as well, including the areas of skin medicine, nutrition science, and personal care, all getting a handle on the role of food nutrition.

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