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Nagase Improves Manufacturing Process of TREHA Trehalose to Meet Natural Flavor Definition


Nagase Improves Manufacturing Process of TREHA Trehalose to Meet Natural Flavor Definition

Posted:  May 16, 2017

Nagase has improved manufacturing process of TREHA Trehalose to meet natural flavor definition and now food formulators can label TREHA trehalose as “natural flavor” in most flavor system applications, including beverages and gelato.

TREHA trehalose benefits flavor systems by providing off-note masking, saltiness and citrus enhancement, and flavor stability.  This high-performance ingredient can now facilitate simplified ingredient statements.  Many applications can use up to five percent.

TREHA trehalose is recognized as GRAS by the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association of the US (FEMA).

Recently, Nagase made improvements in the manufacturing process of TREHA to meet the “natural flavor” FDA definition. TREHA trehalose is now produced from non-GM starch using non-GM enzymes.  The ingredient also has FDA GRAS status.

Consumers are increasingly avoiding all artificial ingredients nowadays, and being labeled as natural flavor can be a great help formulators using the material reduce sodium and sugar by enhancing flavor attributes, such as saltiness, and enabling the use of high intensity sweeteners in flavor systems.

Manufactured by Hayashibara Co., Ltd. of Nagase Group in Japan, TREHA trehalose is a unique ingredient used in everything from cooked proteins to bakery goods and snack items because it serves several functions.

Cargill inked a deal with Japan-based Nagase Group to be the exclusive distributor of TREHA Trehalose for use in foods and supplements throughout the USA and Europe a couple of years ago. 

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